FoxxVault | World's First Smart License Plate Vault

Created by Mike Koclanes

FoxxVault | World's First Smart License Plate Vault
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THE LICENSE PLATE EVOLVED Driving moves your life forward – and your vehicle speeds its progression. Accordingly, access to your own vehicle, in your own way, at your own cadence, without restriction, should be safeguarded. And so should the keys that start it. FoxxVault Technologies is ready to provide you with a whole new level of vehicle access. Access how it is needed – where it is needed – when it is needed. Whether by virtue of safeguarding spare-keys and shielding smart-keys, or global vehicle-tracking and remote vehicle-entry, let FoxxVault put a lock on your ultimate vehicle access. EVOLVE YOUR ACCESS

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$113,560.00 / 416 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: June 2018
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FoxxVault + FoxxTail + FoxxBloc + Custom Engrav...
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