FoxxVault | The First Ever Smart License Plate Vault

Created by Mike Koclanes

FoxxVault | The First Ever Smart License Plate Vault
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Ultimate Access. Access how it is needed - where it is needed - when it is needed. This is why FoxxVault was created. Driving is an activity that opens people's minds. A vehicle is something that moves people's lives. And having full access to each - in their own way, at their own cadence, without restriction, enables people’s independence. FoxxVault is ready to give you this level of access. Whether by virtue of spare-key safekeeping and smart-key storage - or - key sharing and vehicle tracking, let FoxxVault put a lock on your ultimate access.

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$113,560.00 / 416 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: June 2018
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