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Created by Mike Koclanes

THE LICENSE PLATE EVOLVED Driving moves your life forward – and your vehicle speeds its progression. Accordingly, access to your own vehicle, in your own way, at your own cadence, without restriction, should be safeguarded. And so should the keys that start it. FoxxVault Technologies is ready to provide you with a whole new level of vehicle access. Access how it is needed – where it is needed – when it is needed. Whether by virtue of safeguarding spare-keys and shielding smart-keys, or global vehicle-tracking and remote vehicle-entry, let FoxxVault put a lock on your ultimate vehicle access. EVOLVE YOUR ACCESS

Latest Updates from Our Project:

4 months ago – Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 10:07:48 PM

Happy New Year FoxxVaulter’s –

It seems that folks are getting anxious once again due to my lack of communication. And of course, rightfully so!

Although I do have a legitimate reason, I realize there is NO good excuse. Because I too adhere to the ole’ adage about excuses and lower extremity sphincters - and how they play afoul with our olfactory sensory organs.

That said, I will still offer up a sincere apology with an explanation. While moving right before the holiday’s, I mis-stepped and I fell backward down a rocky incline breaking my arm and wrist in 27 places, fracturing my hip, and two ribs… and was feeling out of sorts to say the least. Talk about a Foxxed Up Day!

Falling Behind... Quite Literally
Falling Behind... Quite Literally


Above are some pictures of my experience for those who enjoy disquieting medical cases and loyal dogs that wait outside the operating room!

So, now that you have the “Ugly” (Me) – I will give you the “Good” & the “Bad”.


Unfortunately, my ‘down time’ (ya see what I did there) has created some more delays. In addition, and more significant, due to the integrity-redesign this project is costing much, much more than anticipated. Which as you can imagine has also caused delays.


Between myself, the other founders, and some wonderful friends… we have been able to raise some more money to keep the project going… and to realize the FoxxVault dream. We are now finally ready to move to manufacturing. This of course will take some time… but it will happen! I will keep you posted as soon as I have our reverse timeline solidified.

Thanks again for your support, patience, and understanding. Watch your step… and make it a Foxx Free Day!


New FoxxVault Update - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #2
6 months ago – Mon, Dec 03, 2018 at 08:18:04 PM

Hello FoxxVaulters,

Just a quick update.

As promised, here is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly report.


• Our new design and locking mechanism has passed stage 1 security trials.

• The bluetooth lock with mechanical override has passed stress-testing.

• Talks went well with one of the largest lock companies in the world on partnership talks. More to come…


• Series A funding is pushing into 2019.

• Chinese New Years is slowing down production planning.


Still no definite delivery date

Thank you again for your continued understanding and support. Also, thanks so much for your suggestive innovations. Daniel L…we are incorporating your “cassette idea”.

Wishing you all the best over the holiday season.

Warm Regards,

Jason Howe

New FoxxVault Update - The Good, The Bad and The Really Good
8 months ago – Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 10:11:23 PM

Dear FoxxVault Family & Friends –

I realize it has been way, way, way too long without an update. I sincerely apologize for causing any undo ‘anxiety’. Not that it helps after the fact, but the radio silence was for some very legitimate reasons. Which I will explain after my update. But I’m still very sorry nonetheless.

Well, I have some good news - and some bad news – and then some more good news.

First the good news. But let me start with a little background. As some of you might or might not know, during the course of the Kickstarter we received tremendous interest in Foxxvault’s form factor and its IoT interworking’s from some pretty massive corporate fleet players, rental car conglomerates, self-hauling juggernauts, national auto dealer chains, and even the government of the EAU. As a result, post Kickstarter; we engaged in some very cool pilot programs to determine if the FoxxVault solution would work for some much broader, and more intensive use-cases.

With that, I will first start with the good news. During the rigors of testing FoxxVault at scale – we found that the guts & brains of this brilliant animal were damn near magical in terms of core functionality. Although we did run into some minor glitches with the one of firmware code versions that tripped us up for nearly four weeks – all things being equal, the Foxx knows how to hunt!

Now for the bad news. Also, during the rigors of testing our product at scale we found out that Jessie from Albuquerque, NM wasn’t too far off when he said that he “could get into this thing in under a minute by getting medieval on it with a crowbar and a pair of pilers.” In fact, we encountered a fairly significant design flaw in the hybrid electromechanically engaging locking system. More to the point. After numerous uses, when FoxxVault was “secured” with only the Bluetooth portion of the locking mechanism – it defaulted the mechanical safeguards to an almost neutral position causing the reinforced locking pins to disengage rendering the lap joints to be nothing more than cosmetic overlays. It was like Fort Knox with a screen door around back. Needless to say, not only did the Foxx not hunt, he actually had a bottle of Mad Dog 20 20, climbed in bed, and started binge-watching episodes of Scooby-Doo mumbling something about those “meddling kids”.

Now for more good news. Our engineers figured out a very simple way to make the design ultra-secure. Just weld the thing shut! But unfortunately, the folks in the pilot didn’t really take to that quick fix. Which meant, our engineers needed to go back to the drawing… err… CAD board and start from scratch. Call them dogmatic, but for the last months that’s exactly what they did. Which brings us to today. They are claiming victory. And no small victory either. Not quite a Neil Armstrong moment … but more of a Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory. In fact, they invented a brand-new type of concentric electro-technical locking system, a new type of mechanical actuator that actually extends 8 vault-bolts into the frame instead of a latch-lock mechanism, and an even potential new way of securing FoxxVault to a vehicle using neodymium-iron-boron magnets. And three new provisional patents to boot.

As you can imagine, all of this disruptive innovation doesn’t fall from the sky for free. In fact, quite the opposite. We have had to dig deep into our pockets to fund these efforts. Which brings me to my explanation regarding the irritating radio silence. FoxxVault needed more money – and my company needed more FoxxVault. So, for the last few months we have been putting together a merger of sorts that has required a “period of silence” for purposes of valuation - and even for SEC regulatory purposes when policy is strictly interpreted.

I am happy to say that the deal is consummated! I am now the proud owner of the FoxxVault company… and Mike Koclanes is off the hook so to speak. He will still be involved of course. However, I‘m not sure what to call it... but I am thinking Magnetic FoxxCorp with TwistLock. LOL

Again, thanks for your continued support and your prolonged patience. As soon as I have a better feel for an estimated delivery date I will let you know. Nevertheless, I will start sending out regular updates. Good, bad or indifferent.

Jason Howe FoxxVault

Latest FoxxVault Update
10 months ago – Wed, Aug 01, 2018 at 10:49:01 PM

Hello FoxxVault followers...

Here is a brief update. 

We continue to make progress towards creating an amazing product. We have made good headway on the software and the FoxxVault hardware. Had to alter the design to ensure multi-pry points could not be broken and still enable a bluetooth unlock and a manual override. Making this robust enough for the conditions required by Automotive Standards has been a challenge, but we are addressing them and making the necessary changes.

We are confident we are almost there but it has required multiple prototypes, trials, rework and retooling. We appreciate your continued understanding and patience as we strive towards providing you with a confirmed and realistic delivery date.

Thanks for hanging in there with us!

Update on FoxxVault
12 months ago – Mon, May 28, 2018 at 10:00:02 PM

Hello FoxxVault Backers,

Happy Memorial Day to all of our FoxxVaultTM friends and backers. This is a great time to spend with family and friends. As we approach Summer our FoxxVault team has been hard at work on finishing the FoxxVault product for shipping.. We have made great progress on the mobile application, the backend software and security, We have finalized our chipset and board design. We ran into one complication in testing the early prototype that required a new locking design. The previous design was not to our standards for securing the vault and the keys inside, We are adding additional pry prevention and improved the mechanical override. This will require new tooling and that will be followed by agency certification and testing. We are working toward an end of summer delivery. Our updates will be more frequent going forward as we make steady progress toward delivering a great solution to our early backers. 

Mike Koclanes