FoxxVault | World's First Smart License Plate Vault

Created by Mike Koclanes

THE LICENSE PLATE EVOLVED Driving moves your life forward – and your vehicle speeds its progression. Accordingly, access to your own vehicle, in your own way, at your own cadence, without restriction, should be safeguarded. And so should the keys that start it. FoxxVault Technologies is ready to provide you with a whole new level of vehicle access. Access how it is needed – where it is needed – when it is needed. Whether by virtue of safeguarding spare-keys and shielding smart-keys, or global vehicle-tracking and remote vehicle-entry, let FoxxVault put a lock on your ultimate vehicle access. EVOLVE YOUR ACCESS

Latest Updates from Our Project:

We're really doing it Harry! Update #5
over 1 year ago – Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 11:19:00 PM

Hey Backers -

Brett Pellicano here, FoxxVault founder, and one of the most appreciative guys on the planet.  

I know several of our team members have done a nice job of keeping you updated on our progress, responding to comments, and answering a whole slew of questions. Of course, they try and keep me from answering too many questions, as I’m a “technical marshmallow” as Mike Koclanes puts it.  

At any rate, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you for your generous support, amazing feedback, and patience as we have learned the intricacies of the complex world of Kickstarter. Even more, I want to thank you for spreading the word about FoxxVault so to speak. We have had a tremendous uptick in backers over the last week or so, which was really due to several pivotal events:  

  • We officially announced our strategic relationship with TrackR
  • Mashable did a feature video story
  • Future Tech announced us as one of Top 5 Amazing Products
  • Surf gave us a great post
  • 3 car dealers backed us at 50 units each
  • 2 small businesses backed us to give a FoxxVault to all of their employees
  • We won Digital Marketers “Best Marketing Campaign” for our Foxx

Most of all, we have had such an incredible response from your referrals, emails, posts, and “likes”. In fact, we are almost at 97% of our goal! That said, as soon as we hit 100% - I would like to thank you properly with a warm and fuzzy. No. Literally a warm and fuzzy… set of FoxxBalls. Of course, they’re not real. But they are real fun for kids, pets, friends - and me. I actually hang a set from my rear-view mirror. Who needs fuzzy dice?  

In addition, we will be announcing our stretch goal as soon as we hit 100%. I know you all will love these new add-ons – they came from your suggestions. We have an incredible attachment to FoxxVault and a “Key” product with a prior Kickstarter success that will fit perfectly in your FoxxVault.  

Make it a FoxxFree Day!


We are Getting More Publicity about FoxxVault
over 1 year ago – Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 01:28:06 PM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

Some Funny Comments from Facebook
over 1 year ago – Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 01:27:59 PM

We have had some funny exchanges on our Facebook page, with 2000 followers, I thought I'd share.

One frequent comment is:

"Once people know there is a spare key or keys in the FoxxVault they will just rip it off the bumper and steal the car".

Our replies range from telling them about the FoxxJaw and how it takes 420lbs of force to pry each fastener from the vehicle. Furthermore about the tamper alerting capability of the FoxxVault and vehicle location tracking. Then we remind them they still need to get the vault open once they pry it off, no seams to pry. 

The funny part is to just imagine this scene. A guy with a crowbar, screwdriver, hacksaw, somehow discretely exerts 800+ lbs of force on the rear end of a vehicle and pry the vault and part of the car off. Then they discretely saw, or somehow pry into the vault. From the moment they started this caper, the owner has been notified by the tamper alert. The cars location is known and the police are notified by the owner. Let's say the thief is somehow able to get it open and get the keys. Now they are driving a vehicle with no plate, damaged rear end and the vehicle location is being tracked and the authorities notified. Sounds more like Wiley Coyote than the Foxx!

Get the  word out we are almost to the end of the campaign and we need that last push. This is not an ACME product!

FoxxVault is SMART and functional tell your friends and social network. Thanks again for all your support.

Mike Koclanes

FoxxVault Creator

Over 60% to Goal with Increasing Interest in Going Keyless!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 12:31:46 PM

Thanks again to all of our backers, with your support we are proceeding nicely toward the goal. 

The dialogue we are having with your comments and messages continues to improve the content of our campaign and to focus our message and product. We are seeing a great deal of interest from female and male outdoor enthusiasts, runners, bikers, boaters, skiers, hikers and kayak owners. They wish to pursue these adventures with keyless peace of mind, yet assurance of vehicle access when they are ready to return home.  If you have friends or family member with any of these interests, encourage them to visit our Kickstarter campaign. 

There is significant benefit to being one of our backers. The software component of our solution, a mobile app and back-end cloud services and integration with the crowd location network, will have have a monthly or annual service charge that will be waived for life for all Kickstarter backers. Give this away as a unique gift for the holidays to your car and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Finally for all the business travelers out there, when you leave your car at the airport why do you take your house and car keys with you on the plane? Only bad things can happen. I still get notices of my keys being in the Bahamas, they are being tracked but I have no way to retrieve them. That was before Foxxvault. You can even arrange for someone to pick the car up and Foxxvault has enabled the authorized secure key access and provide them vehicle location information. Finally, when you arrive late at night, after a hard day of business travel, no need to dig into your bag in a dark, cold, wet, parking lot, to find the keys or wander around the lot to find your car, our software app will show you where the car and keys are and allow quick secure access..

We have exciting updates coming over the next several days. We will keep you posted.

Mike Koclanes


over 1 year ago – Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 11:17:55 AM

Hey Fellow Kickstarters -  

First and foremost, the team and I want to thank all of our FoxxVault backers. We are now more than 50% of the way to realizing FoxxFree days! We also want to share our sincere appreciation for all of you who helped us through some of our early technical issues with regard to our Kickstarter Page. As some of you know all too well, our first attempt at building a “proper” Kickstarter Page did not bode so well for our backers… or for us. We made some very rookie mistakes. I guess that’s what happens when you gather a bunch of mechanical engineers, industrial designers, software developers and one comedian that try and do it themselves “without all the pomp and circumstance”. Boy, were we full of it!

As many of you so graciously pointed out, we made three major tactical mistakes and one critical strategic mistake. 

1) We failed miserably at conveying what we actually offered in our Pledge & Reward section - by convoluting their descriptions with too many Foxx references and ridiculous titles. Yep – we thought we were cute! 

2) We also completely missed the mark on our introduction video - which was over eight minutes, started with the story of the Foxx, and showed almost no real product shots.

3) We did not optimize our information for our mobile backers. 

Finally, we now realize that we were way too conservative on our Pledge Goal of $97,000 for the world of Kickstarter. We simply took our pro-forma go-to-market requirements and doubled them. Which although at the time seemed like a very pragmatic and fiscally prudent thing to do, we now understand that this was NOT the time to overstate the goal. We didn’t realize that the majority of Kickstarters are more comfortable backing projects after they are fully funded. In fact, the industry even has a name for this phenomenon called the “Green Bar Effect”. Who knew? 

Oh Yeah – most of you did! 

I suppose we should have spent less time on creating the perfect product and more time figuring out how to market it on Kickstarter. LOL 

That said, this makes us appreciate you, early backers, even more. Not only did you back us when it was not particularly easy to do so, you also backed us when it was not particularly risk-free to do so. What’s more, many of you provided us with the necessary insight to help us get our Kickstarter page right. 

And get it right we have! 

Since our launch on Oct 24th, we have made minor tweaks to the site, but three days ago we gave it a very well thought out overhaul. And the influx of new backers indicates that we hit the mark. In fact, at our current rate, we should be fully funded by no later than the end of next week. Which will give us almost two weeks in the Green Bar Zone!  

So, for those backers who have not been to our shiny new FoxxVault Kickstarter page, you should check it out (especially the new video because it’s pretty cool and shows a lot more of the product in action). And again, for those of you who have not seen or read “Why the Foxx”, I’m positive you will think it’s worth your time. It will peg your Funny-Stuff-O-Meter. At the very least, you will understand what is meant by a FoxxFree Day and our pending Facebook Campaign Tell Us Your Most Foxxed Up Day”. 

All things considered, with your support and invaluable feedback, FoxxVault is doing pretty well.  Of course, we still need all the help we can get. So, anyone, you want to send our way we will gladly take and greatly appreciate. 

We’re proud of our product… not our marketing. 

With respect and many thanks… make it a FoxxFree Day. 

Brett Pellicano

Founder FoxxVault